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Updated March 17, 2020

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Choosing the right place to live can be more difficult than finding the right house or choosing the right builder. Even if you have your dream home you’re not going to feel at home in the wrong neighborhood.

Hopefully, at some point, you’ve been able to live in a neighborhood that just feels right. A place where you want your kids to grow up. Can you see it? Your neighbor riding their lawnmower over the green grass while you teach your 1st grader how to ride a bike in the quiet street.

We’ll break down some of the best options in a few different categories, along with some things Edina is known for in our Edina Guide!

Without further ado, let’s start with the schools!

Edina Area Schools

Finding a good school can be the difference between your student excelling or just getting by. There’s definitely a lot that goes into choosing a school, but here are some top picks.

The Edina school system is well established and has both private and public schools within the immediate area. There is a total of 13 schools, according to greatschools. The school system is above the state average overall ranking at #4 out of 342 schools by niche. The district serves 8,500 students and is #8 in the state for best places to teach.

Public Schools

Concord Elementary School

Concord is the biggest elementary school, with approximately 742 students producing a lot of really great students with high test scores. Located off of Highway 100 it dropping your children off shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s near a middle school if you have kids in different grades.

Normandale Elementary School

Normandale, the second-largest school, has 647 students and is highly rated by parents. This school is located right next to Concord Elementary and Southview Middle School.

Middle Schools

Edina currently has two middle schools within its public district. Both of these schools have just over 1,300 students and are highly rated within the state.

South View Middle School

South View has great parent reviews and is rated #18 in the state. That’s not bad at all, considering there are over 300 schools considered. This school is located just off of Highway 100 near the elementary schools.

Valley View Middle School

Valley View holds a slightly better rating and is #8 in the state for middle schools with a student to teacher ratio of 16:1.


Edina Highschool

The highschool in Edina is ranked #4 in the state. Students have high test scores, great choices for college when they graduate, and the athletic department is very prominent throughout the state within many different sports.

Private Schools

If you prefer for your kids to go to a private school, Edina and the neighboring cities have several different options. There are several reasons why you might choose a private school, including a better student-to-teacher ratio, religious practices, parent involvement, and higher graduation rates.

Here are some of the best private schools in the area:

Avail Academy – Edina Campus

Avail Academy offers K-8 Christian education. This school has three campuses located in Fridley, Blaine, and Edina. Look at this school for a strong education built on Christian morals.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School

This Catholic School has received extremely high ratings and was given the 2019 blue ribbon for excellence from the U.S. Department of Education. This school is also very highly rated by parents.


As you might guess of a Minneapolis suburb, Edina is always expanding. Currently, there are around 53,000 residents and 14 neighborhoods. As it stands, Edina is the 19th largest city in Minnesota. Real estate in Edina isn’t exactly cheap either. It’s actually some of the most expensive in the nation. With great schools and great community houses and properties are priced very competitively.

But don’t let the numbers scare you. For being one of the larger cities in Minnesota it still maintains a small feel and has some nice quiet neighborhoods.

Of the 14 neighborhoods, we’re going to show you some of our favorites.

Morningside Rd / Grimes Ave S

Morningside is a very upscale neighborhood with many new and remodeled homes. If you look into this neighborhood, you’ll notice that it is one of the more expensive places to live within Edina. Part of the reason for this is because of the quaint, quiet, and respected neighborhood.

The crime rate in this area is very low, and you can expect your neighbors to be very engaged in the community. Many people in this area value art and enjoy spending time pursuing that as a hobby or driving into Minneapolis to view it.

While you might pay a high price for a property in this area, you can expect to receive a high return on your investment as the property is likely to go up in value.

W 50th St / Arden Ave

Also known as the country club neighborhood, you’ll find many large homes. The majority of homes in this area are built for families and often have swimming pools and other luxuries present in the large backyards. Many of these homes are older and have been renovated. Some date back as far as 1939, which adds a nice historical and established feel to the neighborhood.

Similar to Morningside, the families in this area have a high income compared to the national average. But, one thing that is different than some other places is that oftentimes people in this neighborhood work from home. Many small businesses are run from home as well as those that remotely work for their companies.

Properties in this neighborhood hold their value and are popular among those with school-aged children.

Blake Rd S / Parkwood Rd

The average size of homes in this area is around 3-4 bedrooms, and because of that, the average cost is slightly lower than the last two neighborhoods we’ve talked about. These homes are relatively newer, with many of them being built between 1970 and 1990. While you can expect a more reasonable price range, most of the homes in this neighborhood would still be considered to be luxury.

Smaller families and those with children in school will find this neighborhood accomodating. It is on the other side of town from most of the public schools but only about a 15-20 minute drive depending upon the traffic.

You can expect to make a good ROI on these homes. Some might say the market is near a cap, but we tend to think that the value is sure to bounce back and continue to rise for the time being. Take note that it’s also a great time to build in the Edina area as homes are becoming harder to find for sale.

Up next on our Edina Guide are restaurants!


Burger and fries at an Edina Resturant

There are many amazing places to eat in the Edina area, including several high-end restaurants. Here is a list along with some of their Yelp ratings.

  • Red Cow is a small burger chain in the MPLS area with a total of 3 locations. Each location has received great reviews. The food at this restaurant is excellent, and the service is as well. Combine those two things with a great atmosphere, and you have a great lunch or dinner spot not far from home.
  • Edina Grill this spot is known for its brunch as well as cocktail bar. For the perfect hometown upscale, high-quality food you’d imagine in a town as prestigious as Edina, you’re sure to enjoy this spot.
  • Broders’ Pasta Barif you like the past bar vibe, then this one is for you. A true 5-star spot, in our opinion, Broders’ is sure to satisfy. This Italian restaurant makes all of their pasta in house and does it so well. Be sure to stop at this spot if you’re ever in the area or live nearby.
  • Pizzeria Lola A less expensive and more family-friendly option is Pizzeria Lola. For pizza lovers, this restaurant has all different kinds and options, including all of the far-out choices you can think of.
  • Martina is the perfect high-end spot for your Friday night date. Martina has great reviews and is recommended by many. One thing that might catch your eye if you’re looking for breakfast or brunch (which they do very well) is the lobster toast.
  • Mill Valley Kitchen A new American-style restaurant that brings some flare is Mill Valley Kitchen. This is a great spot for the casual lunch meeting or evening dinner. You might consider trying their bison burger.
  • Cahill Bistro serves up some delicious Latin cuisine. This bistro has 95% 5-star reviews from Yelp users, making it very enticing. For sure worth a try. Be sure to try their Tres Leche cake.
  • Lela is new American seafood and steakhouse. A great spot for fine dining that has received the Wine Spectator award of excellence three years in a row now.

Give some of these restaurants a try and let us know which one you loved best! Next up in the Edina Guide is shopping.


Escalators at the Edina malls

Edina is home to some of the twin cities’ best shopping centers. From the average department stores to boutique shops local to Minnesota, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a list of the most popular shopping centers and malls in Edina.

  • Southdale Center – This is the largest of the malls in the Edina area and has most of the staples that you would expect.
  • Galleria Edina – A boutique shop with several high-end retailers present. This spot is excellent for finding some unique items.
  • 50th and France – a great find for those who enjoy minimalls and beautiful outdoor walkways. 50th and France is a beautiful spot to visit in the summer months.
  • Mall of America – While not technically in Edina, it is very close. The famous Mall of America is only 15 minutes from the city center and offers some of the most amazing shops, concerts, and events in the state. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Edina, you won’t have to go far. Don’t forget about the indoor theme park that is perfect for kids (or adults’) parties!

Now that we’ve covered shopping, it’s time to jump down to the Parks and Recreation in the Edina Guide!

Parks and Recreation

playground at Edina area park

Although Edina is well developed, there are several very nice parks, lakes, and places to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Centennial Lakes Park is one of the most notable parks in the area. In the winter, it’s home to ice skating and the occasional winter carnival. In the summer you can walk along the beautiful pond. This park is also known for the weddings that take place in the Pavillion.
  • Rosland Park is located on lake Cornelia. There’s no shortage of things you can do at this park, including swimming, fishing, tennis, disc golf, and grills. Rosland Park is a great spot to host parties or enjoy a laid-back afternoon with friends and family.
  • Pamela Park offers many different activities throughout the year, including skating, soccer, tennis, a playground for the kids, and shaded picnic benches. Another excellent spot for the whole family.

We’ve covered a lot in this Edina Guide! There are several engaging communities, some fantastic parks, and tasty restaurants. If you’re interested in moving into the Edina area or wanting to explore the possibilities of building a sustainable dream home, contact Sustainable 9 today! We’d be happy to talk to you about the possibility of building a home in Edina or the surrounding cities.

If you’d like to learn more about our process, you can find it here. Thanks for reading!

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Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

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