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Updated August 5, 2020

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In this month’s installment of our neighborhood guide series, we’re covering the beautiful Linden Hills Minneapolis neighborhood.

Linden Hills has a special place in our hearts. Not just because it’s one of Minneapolis’s most beautiful neighborhoods, but it’s also where our main office is located.

We hope you enjoy this Linden Hills Minneapolis guide complete with information on area schools, restaurants, shops, and things to do! Let’s dive in!

Linden Hills Area Schools

Because Linden Hills is a small neighborhood in Minneapolis, it doesn’t have its own dedicated school system like neighboring cities. Both St. Louis Park and Edina are close by and might be where your students will be attending. For Edina schools, here is our Edina guide.

For this guide, we’ll include some of the notable St. Louis Park schools, along with those that would most commonly serve the Linden Hills Neighborhood.

Elementary Schools

Lake Harriet Lower Elementary School

The schools around Lake Harriet are well known for offering a very rounded education. This school in specific has 521 students in grades K-3. Above 90% of students leave the school proficient in both reading and math.

Middle Schools

Lake Harriet Community School – Upper School

A continuation of Lake Harriet Lower is Lake Harriet Upper. This school is also well known in the community as one of the better schools and has been a staple in the area for several years. Here you’ll find a student-to-teacher ratio of 23 to 1 and approximately 680 students.

High Schools

Southwest Senior High School

Southwest Senior High School is one of the more prestigious high schools in Minnesota. With almost all A’s across the board from, Southwest is ranked #23 in the state and has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. It is a large school with almost 1,800 students and is within the Minneapolis Public School District.

St. Louis Park Senior High School

While not quite as highly rated as Southwest Senior High, St. Louis Park Senior High is ranked #43 in the state. It’s a slightly smaller school as well, with almost 1,500 students. It has a high success rate from its students, and the school also offers great college prep courses and is fairly diverse, too.

Linden Hills Minneapolis: Neighborhood Guide

In most of our guides, we would take this opportunity to share about the neighborhoods in the city. But, because Linden Hills is already a neighborhood inside Minneapolis, we’ll talk about why this place is so great!

Here are some of our favorite things to do and places to eat in the Linden Hills area.

Parks and Recreation

Linden Hills Minneapolis - Bde Maka Ska.

Minneapolis has so much to offer when it comes to parks and recreational areas for you to enjoy the beauty that Minnesota has to offer. The views of Minneapolis from the surrounding parks are spectacular, and there’s fun to be had by the whole family.

Linden Hills is a popular area because it’s bordered by both Lake Bde Maka Ska and Lake Harriet. Each lake has bike and walking trails around the entire lake and is also complete with parks, beaches, and restaurants.

Lake Harriet & Bde Maka Ska

As one of Minneapolis’s most famous lakes, Lake Harriet is full of fun things for date night or an afternoon relaxing. There are places to rent bikes, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats. There is also a stunning castle-like bandshell that offers semi-consistent shows throughout the warm months of the summer.

In the winter, the lake is full of festivals and carnivals. One of the most notable is the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival. The lake is also often full of residents ice fishing, snowshoeing, and skiing.

You might also like grabbing a ride on one of the streetcars that offer tours between Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska.

Restaurants in Linden Hills

Linden Hills Minneapolis - resturant.

Moving to any neighborhood in Minneapolis is going to get you some amazing food. Linden Hills is no exception to this and offers you some of the best restaurants and places to eat in all of Minneapolis. Here are our favorite spots, along with a quick explanation of why:

Clancy’s – This local butcher shop is known around Minneapolis not just for their amazing cuts of meat and fish but also for their sandwiches. They handcraft sandwiches every day using local bread from a bakery across the street. If you order before 1:30 pm on any given day, you should be able to get your hands on one of these legendary sandwiches. After 1:30 pm, the bread might be all gone for the day.

Tilia – Voted as one of the best cafes by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and Restaurant of the Year by the Star Tribune. For amazing burgers and American classics with a fresh spin, visit Tilia.

Naviya’s Thai Brasserie – For all of your ethnic favorites, including stir fry, spring rolls, curry, and more! If you’re craving Thai food that’s sure to hit the spot, then be sure to visit this spot. You most definitely won’t regret it.

Sebastian Joe’s – Sebastian Joe’s is a long-time favorite of ice cream enthusiasts across the Twin  Cities. You can’t find a better scoop of hard ice cream in Minneapolis. Sebastian Joe’s does it best and offers great service too!


Like many Minneapolis suburbs, Linden Hills is known for having some great shops with something for almost everyone. These are our highlights.

Linden Hills Farmers Market – Because no city, town, or neighborhood is complete without a farmers market, Linden Hills offers one of the best on Sunday mornings from May through December. You’ll be able to pick up all of the freshest options from flowers to vegetables and fruits.

Wild Rumpus – Younger readers who enjoy books and all things book stores will love this shop. All sorts of classics and new books are present along with the shop chinchilla and tarantula if you’re interested in meeting some new reading buddies.

Hunt & Gather – All things antiques are spread across two floors of space. From gifts to collectibles, you’ll love browsing through this space while looking for the perfect item.

Moving to Linden Hills

If you’re looking to move to Linden Hills, we’d love to help you get into the home of your dreams. This neighborhood is truly beautiful and worth every bit of attention that’s gotten over the years. Living in Minneapolis offers cultural experiences, great shopping, education, and the best places to eat in Minnesota.

Reach out to us to learn more about the homes we build in the neighborhood. We’d love to chat with you!


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Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

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