7 Top Rated Minnesota Solar Companies

Updated December 16, 2020

Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

At Sustainable 9, we’re all about sustainability. Whether it’s adding eco-friendly features to a custom-built home or working with Minnesota Solar companies to provide our clients with top-of-the-line energy savings – we’re all about it. We hope that every home we build will help to reduce our total carbon footprint and, in turn, leave our communities in a better place than when we found them.

Solar panels are a great way to save money on electricity and reduce your dependency on the grid. There are several solar installers throughout Minnesota that we’d trust to install a solar system on our properties.

Without further ado, dive into the list below of our favorite Minnesota Solar companies that we’ve had the pleasure of working with!

Solar Energy Companies in Minnesota

Minnesota solar companies

Minnesota is home to some of the greatest solar companies and solar installers in the United States. Here’s a list of our favorites. (note that these aren’t in any particular order)

All Energy Solar

All Energy Solar is one of the largest solar installers in the state. The company is headquartered out of St. Paul but will do work throughout different places in the state. They serve several states, including IA, MA, NH, NY, WI, and MN. All-Energy has many positive customer reviews, and the average es just under 5-stars. Despite being a large company, you can expect All-Energy to take care of you throughout your solar project.

Live Wire Solar & Electrical

Live wire can help you get your solar panels installed and take care of any other electrical work you need to be done around the house. As a local Blaine, Minnesota company Live Wire Solar & Electrical has roots that go deep within the Minnesota solar industry. They’ve earned the respect of homeowners and aim to keep it that way.

Powerfully Green

Another local company serving Minnesota is Powerfully Green Solar. You’ll Find Powerfully Green serving the greater Twin Cities area while being headquartered out of Orono, Minnesota. This company has been installing solar power and serving its service area for over 10 years.

Apadana Solar Technologies

Located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Apadana Solar takes advantage of the Minnesota River Valley’s wide-open spaces that are just waiting and ready for solar panels to be installed. As a 5-star company in the solar industry, you can expect only the best customer service from Apadana Solar Technologies.

Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar is another national solar brand that currently services WI, IL, FL, and MN. As a solar energy company, they boast their knowledge of federal, state, and local incentives as a strong suit. If you’ve been wondering how you can afford solar, a conversation with Sun Badger might help you better understand how you can. Sun Badger, among some of the other companies mentioned, offers financing too.

MN Solar and More, LLC

MN Solar is a women-owned and managed electrical contractor that specializes in both commercial and residential solar projects. With experience in wind, biomass, and solar, they’ve been focusing on renewable energy sources since 2003. As a company, they’re proud to live and work in the Twin Cities, where they serve their neighbors locally.

Energy Concepts

Just across the great Mississippi River in Hudson, Wisconsin, you’ll find Energy Concepts. A business of electricians and engineers that has won awards from the state of Wisconsin. Their in-house team is able to take care of everything from energy production to installation. From start-to-finish Energy Concepts, can help to ensure that you get the results you deserve when you install solar panels on your home.

Solar Company Research

If you’re looking to learn more about solar energy companies in the United States or Minnesota, there are a number of great resources. Two of our favorites are Solar Reviews and EnergySage. These two companies over free reviews, cost calculators, and comparisons of different solar products that are out of the market today.

Things to Look for in a Solar Installer

There are a number of things to consider as you try to choose the right solar installer for your home. With hundreds of thousands of solar installers throughout the United States, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home.

  • Choose a trustworthy company that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Look for lots of real customer reviews and quotes on their website, social media, and other online profiles.
  • Look for installers that offer warranties and install only the best products.
  • Find a company that cares about its customers more than its business.
  • Check energysage.com for ranking and reviews.
  • Choose a company that answers your questions honestly and with enthusiasm.
  • Look for a company that can help you find rebates and incentives.

If you’re able to follow each of these tips, you’ll be able to find a solar installer in your state that puts their customers first, and that offers the best possible service. Your solar installer becomes your solar partner, and it’s important that you trust them with your project. Be sure to leave your solar partner positive reviews to help other customers find them!

Solar: A Great Choice for Minnesota

solar panels in the snow

While you might not expect solar to be a popular choice for homeowners in cooler climates such as Minnesota, you’ll definitely be surprised that the midwest is one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets. Many homeowners have been under the assumption that solar panels don’t offer value if they’re not in the hot sun every day. But, a solar energy system will actually produce electricity even on cloudy days and can perform despite cool weather.

Both residential and commercial solar installation can help Minnesota homeowners and businesses save money on their electricity and continue to protect our planet from the harm that can come from not considering the need for more eco-friendly forms of energy.

Looking for more ideas of ways to make your home sustainable? Reach out to Sustainable 9. We’re Minnesota’s premiere sustainable home builder. We’re happy to help you build the home of your dreams, take on a remodel project, or renovate your home to make it more efficient.


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Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

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