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Sustainable 9 is the premier option for designing and building eco-friendly, green homes in the Twin Cities area. We create homes that are not only beautiful to look at, but will function in all the ways you and your family need. That’s because at Sustainable 9 your home is designed with your specific needs in mind. We’ll work alongside you to make sure that every detail is exactly the way you want it.

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Our Services

Whether you've outgrown your current home, are simply ready for a change, or looking to call Edina home, we can help create the home of your dreams.


Allow your creativity to flow and work alongside our team of talented and experienced designers who are determined to create the best modern and sustainable home for your budget.

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Custom Home Building

We employ a thorough custom home building process, allowing you to make specific requests to address exactly what you need to create the house of your dreams.

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When it comes to remodeling, the bigger the better. We specialize in large, expansive home remodeling projects that will reimagine your space to fit your needs.

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The team at S9 made our dream home a reality! Our home turned out better than we ever imagined.

Why Sustainability is Important for Homes

Too often there is only the talk of doing something to limit the carbon footprint of our everyday lives. We’re committed to actually acting on this issue. Not only do we want our homes to embody the latest in sustainable home technology and design, but we want to spread the knowledge about what is truly possible when it comes to eco-friendly homes. Our challenge to other builders is to continue to push the bounds of sustainable home building and to put it as a priority for their services.

There is a common misconception that adding more sustainable features into your home will cost more money, and while upfront this may be true, in the long run, homeowners save money because energy and heating bills will be significantly lower. Also, sustainable homes create a healthier environment for families to thrive.

For your next custom home build, we encourage you to work with a certified sustainable home builder. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Why Minnesota Modern

When we first started getting into home design, we noticed early on that there was a significant shortage in modern and contemporary designs here in Minnesota. As frequent national and international travelers, we gained insights across major cities across the world, from European to Pacific Northwest homes, and saw that Minnesota was lagging behind these areas in terms of their residential architecture.

We knew that Minnesotans were progressively minded when it came to home design and were interested in building these modern homes for themselves, but unfortunately, there were no builders or designers who were offering these home styles.

Creating Minnesota Modern Homes

That’s where we come in. At Sustainable 9, we are passionate about modern homes. Where other builders cater to traditional home styles, we specialize in creating stunning homes that break the mold of conventional architecture, and that look good no matter where they are built. Modern style homes also lend themselves nicely to our other passion, which is using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and features in the houses we make. Whether it’s large windows that let in natural light, solar designs, or green roofs, you can mix and match green materials and features to create the perfect Sustainable 9 modern home for you. Our homes encapsulate what it means to be Minnesota Modern, with crisp lines and open flooring plans that incorporate warm colors for a welcoming feel.

Why Edina and Sustainable 9 Go Together So Well

Edina is rich with unique architecture within their neighborhoods. With sizeable lots of lands, there is a lot of potential for customization for homes in Edina, and customization is what we love to do, with none of our homes looking like the other. The area is also home to beautiful backdrops and views, including Minnehaha Creek, several lakes, and golf courses.

Edina is even making a push towards more sustainable building practices, including reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2025. Sustainable 9 and Edina share similar interests in terms of modern and unique architecture combined with green features, making it the ideal match.

Our Process Creates Beautiful, Sustainable Homes

At Sustainable 9, we are committed to creating an energy efficient home that looks and functions perfectly. We build homes that last long, save you money in the long run, and that you’ll be proud to call your own.

By avoiding harmful chemicals that create that “new house smell,” our homes are safe and healthy for you and your family. Sustainable 9 homes are EPA Indoor airPLUS certified, as well as being Zero Energy Ready, meaning that they’ll provide a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle for you and your family for many years to come.


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