When it comes to remodeling, the bigger the better. We specialize in large, expansive home remodeling projects that will reimagine your home.

Modern + Sustainable Remodeling in Minneapolis

A home remodel can be stressful. But rest assured, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. Tell us what your vision is for your home, and we’ll make it happen by figuring out the best approach and materials to use for your new addition.

  • Remodels that are efficient in both materials and resources used
  • Experienced team that will work with you to accomplish your remodeling goals
  • Sustainable solutions to upgrade your home
  • Create a healthier home for your family with high-quality, non-toxic products

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100+ Custom Homes Built
18 Complete Home Remodels
13 Full-time Employees


Solution Oriented

We remodel with a purpose, which means understanding what the problems are and how best to address them with sustainability in mind.


Technical Experts

No matter what your remodel goal is, our well-rounded team is ready to help you bring your vision to life.

12 Dream Homes in Parade of Homes
18 Years in Business
42 Average HERS score


Creative Thinkers

Our team is as fun to work with as we are experienced in assessing our client’s needs and executing them. We’ll get the job done for you, and that’s a guarantee.


Client Advocates

We focus on creating the home that is best suited for you and your lifestyle, not just what is best for us.

12 Dream Homes in Parade of Homes
18 Years in Business
42 Average HERS score


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More energy efficient than a standard new construction home* *based on HERS ratings


0% Stinky. Committed to - reducing or eliminating VOCs and toxins in the homes we build* *Receiving the EPA's Indoor AirPlus certification on every home we build


Tighter and less leaky than a standard new construction home* *based on blower door test/air leakage results