About Us

Our team is what makes the difference. We hire and partner with the best to get the greatest possible result.
modern exterior home design by sustainable 9

Built Just For YouOur core philosophy
facilitates our passion

At Sustainable 9 Design + Build, we take visions for tomorrow and turn them into solutions for today that reflect our enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.
We are highly
adaptable + innovative

By putting your home aspirations first, we are committed to thinking outside the box with you to come up with solutions to your needs.

We care deeply
about sustainability

We believe that sustainability should be considered in every home that is built. A home that is focused on being efficient with the available resources and that implements eco-friendly technology will not only help you save money, but will also reduce your environmental impact.

We are obsessed
with modern design

Modern designs are progressive and allow for groundbreaking and adventurous homes that not only look great but are extremely functional.
We believe that modern design and sustainability go hand in hand. They perfectly complement one another and this combination is the future of homebuilding.

Our Leadership

Chad Hanson

Principal/Founder – Sales, Marketing, & Design

Ryan Hanson

Principal/ Founder – Finance, Operations, & Development


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More energy efficient than a standard new construction home* *based on HERS ratings


0% Stinky. Committed to - reducing or eliminating VOCs and toxins in the homes we build* *Receiving the EPA's Indoor AirPlus certification on every home we build


Tighter and less leaky than a standard new construction home* *based on blower door test/air leakage results