Many people are embracing the idea of “going green” but surprisingly few can actually define what that means. At Sustainable 9, our work is guided by a core set of nine sustainability principles.


Sensible Design

For a design to stand the test of time it must satisfy, it must be beautiful, it must reward the user, it must provide an experience worthy of memory, and it must treat nature as a model and mentor, not an inconvenience to be evaded or controlled.


High Performance Buildings

Our design approach places emphasis on performance and a true cost-benefit analysis for our clients. From Energy Star to Passive Level and Net Zero Certification, our homes save our clients thousands of dollars per year in energy savings.


Promote Healthy Living

Our modern lives expose us to enough toxins, so let’s keep them out of our homes. We are committed to designing homes with abundant natural light and fresh clean air by achieving the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS certification.

4 Sustainability features for Homes

Catch & Store Energy

Whether it’s using passive solar heating, geothermal, or PV solar, we always strive to integrate innovative clean energy technologies and techniques into all of our designs.


Long Life Cycles

All construction takes resources. By using high-quality materials, those resources stay in use longer thereby lowering our overall impact.

6 Sustainability features for Homes

Renewable Resources

We look for materials that are locally sourced or can be responsibly regrown, reused, or recycled and incorporate them into our design as much as possible for each project.

7 Sustainability features for Homes

Minimize Waste

Traditional construction produces vast volumes of waste. By evaluating and optimizing the full lifecycle of our materials and how they are handled, shipped, and returned will help us to avoid the landfill.

8 Sustainability features for Homes

Ecologically Conscious

It’s important to us to be mindful of each site’s unique landscape, ecology, and content. Our designs seek to integrate with their surroundings rather than overpower them.


Data Driven Decisions

As building scientists, we don’t believe in guesswork. We are constantly modeling, testing, and monitoring the homes we build to give us the data we need to make informed design decisions.