Sustainability in everyday life isn’t just a trend.

It’s a mindset and a lifestyle that is only increasing in popularity. People are deciding to take action and live their lives in a way that is beneficial for the environment. Sustainability also happens to be a philosophy that we adhere to and are passionate about. At Sustainable 9, we understand the importance of lessening your home’s carbon footprint, and that you don’t need to sacrifice quality and style to get there.

By balancing the relationship between economics, people, and the environment, we create homes that allow all three to thrive. Economically, our homes are energy-efficient, which will help save you money down the road and are designed and built to endure both time and the elements. For you, the homeowner, our homes are functional and livable, as well as beautifully designed.

You’ll be proud to call the finished product yours.

For the planet, we use vendors who are top of the class in terms of quality but will also make your home eco-friendly. We take a creative approach to ensure a minimal environmental impact. This includes using recycled plastic and glass, spray foam and rigid foam wall insulation, and construction materials designed to stop heat from escaping the home. We also use high-efficiency appliances — such as furnaces, central air units, and water heaters, insulated garages, and light fixtures contain LED bulbs. The relationship between these three pillars of sustainable home building is a movement away from the use-all approach that was once all-too-common with home design and construction.

If you’re interested in creating a sustainable, clean, and modern home, reach out today to get started on a consultation meeting.