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8 Local Artists That are Transforming Homes from the Inside Out

June 14, 2023

Minnesota's Vibrant Art Scene

Minnesota is home to a multitude of talented and diverse artists who bring their unique perspectives and creative expressions to life.

At Sustainable 9, it’s no secret that we design and build custom homes and while this is art in itself it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We understand that a home is more than just its architectural structure; it is a canvas awaiting artistic expression. In our pursuit of creating perfect spaces for our clients, we recognize the transformative power of art. 

From carefully selecting interior pieces to curating captivating artwork, we aim to infuse life into every space, elevating the overall ambiance and aesthetics of our homes. So without further ado, we invite you to discover the works of nine remarkable artists who call Minnesota home. 

1. Stephanie Dillon – Abstract Revived

Stephanie Dillon is a Twin Cities–based many-medium artist who drives reinvention as regeneration. By reviving discarded items, recycling art to bring new beauty to each piece, and painting on mediums such as up-cycled clothing and furniture using a variety of creative techniques, she interrogates and rejects the idea of disability.

With designs ranging from large original canvas paintings, to small, gallery-wall-suitable framed art, you’ll be able to find something for the interior you are creating. Dillon's pieces are beautiful focal points and a perfect way to tie in the colors of your room concept. View her modern artworks here.

2. Concrete Pig – Sculptural Elements

Keith Wyman owner of Concrete Pig creates one of a kind sculptural elements and functional art in the form of modern furniture design. Currently residing in the self-proclaimed arts and music mecca of Minneapolis, his surroundings fuel his creativity. Finding inspiration from the space in and around him he continues to innovate, pushing the medium of concrete forward in unexpected ways. To defy gravity. To find comfort in the uninviting. And to seek out new ways of alluding this concrete cohort as an amiable foe while continuing to elude reality.

With an eye on the past but a specific vision for the future, Concrete Pig is unique functional art in the form of modern furniture design

3. Shawn McNulty – Contemporary Expressions

Shawn McNulty is a prolific contemporary painter from Minneapolis who has been working professionally for the past twenty years. His refreshing approach to creativity has inspired artists all over the world. McNulty’s abstract modern colorful paintings can be found in notable collections including President Bill Clinton, Peyton Manning, US Bank Stadium, Emerson, UBS Financial, Paramount, Bellagio Hotel, and General Mills. View his artwork here.

4. Tom Tyler – Sketch-Like Acrylic

Tom Tyler concentrates on acrylic paintings in the Expressionist style covering a wide variety of subjects. He applies paint in bright colors and dramatic contrasts, and often draws, almost sketch-like with paint to create excitement, movement, the essence of the subject.

Tyler's artistic prowess has been showcased in an impressive array of 34 international, national, and regional exhibitions, as well as prestigious one-man shows in galleries across five states. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous awards in recognition of his exceptional talent. 

Beyond his artistic accomplishments, Tyler has made valuable contributions to the art community, having served on a city art board of directors and sharing his knowledge through engaging lectures on art history. His captivating artwork has found its place in esteemed private and corporate collections across the United States, Canada, and even as far as London, England. 

5. Steven Woodward – Capturing Nature's Serenity

Nestled amidst the serene woods at the northern end of the peninsula, lies the captivating studio of sculptor Steven Woodward. Inside his studio, a treasure trove of artistic expression awaits, showcasing a diverse range of pieces crafted from various mediums, spanning over three decades of Woodward's creative journey.

Woodward's artistic prowess has been recognized and celebrated throughout the United States, with a significant presence in his beloved home state of Minnesota. His sculptures, predominantly crafted from wood, bear witness to his mastery of the medium. Woodward's artistic palette extends far beyond wood, as he fearlessly incorporates elements such as bark, flags, rag rugs, and even dictionaries into his creative repertoire. Discover Woodward's work here.

6. Sarah Edwards – Artful Connection

Sarah Edwards is undoubtedly a name that resonates with many, renowned for her multifaceted roles as a local event producer, influential social figure, creative agency proprietor, CEO, and now, a talented artist and fashion designer. 

Her artistic expressions unfold through captivating canvases and alluring fashion pieces, skillfully crafted with abstract patterns, ethereal watercolor motifs, and vibrant hues, embodying her distinctive and exuberant maximalist style. 

7. Tamara Sweere – Bold Statements

Tamara Sweere is a highly talented American artist of Ukrainian origin who creates stunning acrylic-on-canvas paintings using vibrant colors on a range of scales. Her exceptional work has been displayed in prestigious galleries around the world, including Spain, Germany, Italy, and the US. Tamara's captivating pieces are available for purchase here

8. Erik Newberg – Vibrant Fusion

Erik Newberg, renowned as Merle Pines, stands out as a distinguished abstract expressionist artist hailing from Minnesota. With his innate talent and artistic prowess, he meticulously crafts exceptional hand-painted masterpieces. 

His works are a fusion of vibrant colors, mesmerizing shapes, and intricate designs, resulting in extraordinary statements that infuse rooms with unparalleled character and style. Each piece bears the unmistakable mark of his creativity, guaranteeing a truly distinctive addition to any space. Follow Newberg on Instagram here.

Minnesota's Evolving Art Scene

These eight local Minnesota artists bring their unique perspectives and creative visions to enrich our living spaces with modern and contemporary art, sculptures, and modern furniture pieces. Their diverse styles and mediums ensure there is something for every homeowner, creating vibrant spaces that inspire, uplift, and reflect individuality. 

By incorporating their works, we invite the transformative power of art into our daily lives, fostering creativity and meaningful connections. Sustainable 9 is proud to curate remarkable environments where art takes center stage, and we encourage you to explore and support these talented artists, ensuring a future where creativity thrives and homes become galleries of inspiration.

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