Scandinavian Design: What Makes It Irresistible?

Updated June 12, 2020

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Scandinavian design has left its mark on almost every other design style, from modern and contemporary, to a farmhouse, traditional, and industrial. You can find elements of Scandinavian design in all of them.

So, what it is that makes Scandinavian design so irresistible? Today we’re going to uncover some of the reasons why as well as show some great examples of ways that it can be used in almost any home. Let’s dive into all things Scandinavian design.

What is Scandinavian Design?

At the core of Scandinavian design is a simple and minimal approach to design. Lacking clutter and complexity, it’s a very inviting design style. Because minimalism has been on the rise, this is one of the biggest reasons it has gained so much traction recently. It really began to take hold of homes in the 1950s and spread rapidly.

Depending on the region you’re in, Scandinavian design can differ slightly as it pulls in elements of nature and the outdoors as well as climate. These differences can be seen in the colors that are chosen, the amount of greenery used in the home, and the tones displayed in the wood used throughout the home.


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Where Did It Come From?

Scandinavian design began long ago and has evolved over the centuries to become what we think of today. One thing that hasn’t changed much is the simple approach to an affordable design. Artists and designers have taken elements of what they thought made Scandinavian design special to them, leaving us with many variations of a similar style.

The key things that make up Scandinavian design include but are not limited to:

  • Simple design
  • Affordable and high quality
  • Minimalistic approach
  • Natural elements
  • Functional and appealing
  • Light and bright colors throughout

What Makes It Irresistible?

Scandinavian design so irresistible offers what many people are looking for: an affordable and high-quality design that can fit into almost any climate and geographical space.

From Minnesota to New Mexico, Scandinavian design works and can work despite the difference from outside to inside. This is possible because of the slight differences that can be made in the way that natural elements are incorporated into the design.

Natural Elements

Indoor grass bouquet in glass jar.

Take, for example, Minnesota. A state filled with lakes, pine trees, and in some places fields full of crops. Minnesota offers a lot, and when designing an interior space. One example that might be different from some other climates is including a pine tree or pompous grass.

group of cacti against a white wall

In New Mexico or other warm climates, you might include cacti or other elements that bring the outdoors inside. Consider some of the plants in the picture below and how they might add to the overall design of a space.

Wherever you’re living, there are different natural elements and colors that you can use to add to your unique Scandinavian design style. You can always mix different styles as well. Succulents have become extremely common in decorating, and many people think that they make for some of the best houseplants you can find.

Succulents for indoor use.

Simple and Minimalistic

scandinavian designed furniture

While some types of design and decorating, like bohemian, take a more filled or cluttered approach, Scandinavian design is very simple in both, its approach to design and decorating. You’ll notice that the furniture used in Scandinavian design isn’t full of frills, and it’s not too showy. It’s just right in the way that it fills the space and accents the pieces around it. The home below demonstrates this well.

The furniture is simple, uses earthy tones, and compliments the space. Notice the plant on the natural colored coffee table as well. The couch has a few accent pillows but maintains a simple and earthy feel because of the grey color.

Scandinavian Kitchens

The kitchen is a great place to show off the versatility of the Scandinavian style. The same principles apply to the kitchen as to other spaces in the home. Wood or white cabinets, stone countertops, and wood floors are all common to include in a Scandinavian kitchen.

Here’s an example of a kitchen with earthy tones. It’s warm and inviting but still very realistic and useful. Notice the wood cabinets, wood floor, and plant on the counter.

scandinavian kitchen with white backsplash wood cupboards and wood floors.

There’s a lot you can do with a kitchen, but the important part is finding something that works for you and that you like. If you’re not in love with the way your home looks, then it’s not right for you. Make it the way you want it.

Scandinavian Designers

At Sustainable 9, we love designing modern and contemporary homes. But what we love even more than that is designing a home that incorporates Scandinavian design. What we love about Scandinavian design is that it can become the perfect design for you. It’s a design style that is shaped by your likes, dislikes, and interests.

If you’re looking to design the home of your dreams, reach out to Sustainable 9 today. We’d love to work with you and begin designing a home filled with the things that make you passionate about where you live. We partner with sustainable companies to build homes that leave a positive effect on the environment.


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Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

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