9 Ultramodern House Plans That Are Hot In 2021

Updated August 9, 2021

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Ultramodern house plans will blow the roof off of your curb appeal and we’re not kidding!

Okay, it sounds a little bit out there; we get it. So why not just be “the new modern,” or something simple like that. Well, to start, it’s because ultramodern isn’t modern at all. It’s a whole step above that altogether.

You might not know, but ultramodern homes offer some stunning features and even a few that might surprise you. You’ll find things like:

  • Hidden features that are traditionally a focal point
  • Pools and great outdoor spaces
  • Stunning design that’s a step above modern and contemporary
  • Eye-catching details

Are Ultramodern House Plans The Next Modern House?

It’s hard to keep up with ever-changing trends, especially when it comes to building and designing modern homes. It can seem like every 6 months the trends change and something needs to be updated or done differently. But with ultramodern architecture, this is an exception. You won’t need to worry about updating because your home will already be ahead of the trend.

Ultramodern houses are much more than just being the new modern homes or something that follows in its footsteps. They completely embody new trends and the desires of those building them. It can be difficult to describe succinctly because they’re so different from typical houses these days.

Your style is unique, and your home should be too. When you choose to build a home in an ultramodern style, you’re getting a home that’s going to be “in-style” for as long as you love it.

Why Choose an Ultramodern House Plan?

Your neighborhood probably doesn’t need another modern farmhouse or cookie-cutter modern home. Ultramodern design crumbles the cookie-cutter home and offers something entirely unique to you and your taste.

Think ultramodern homes are only for the wealthy? Think again. Ultramodern design can be scaled back to offer something affordable to you, no matter what your budget is. While you might not be able to experience all of the benefits with a scaled-back design, there still are many features to enjoy, no matter your price point.

Ultramodern Design: A New Approach

You might assume ultramodern architecture is just a rebranding of modern style or technology. But, ultramodern design is actually a new take on a modern style that specifically focuses more intently on sleek and futuristic elements.

Ultramodern houses are designed with elements such as clean surfaces, large glass windows, floor-to-ceiling walls of blown-glass (aka light tubes), open floor plans where you can see the entire interior of a home, and futuristic exteriors.

Ultramodern Features: What To Expect

It’s also worth pointing out ultramodern style doesn’t come with a single design element. So you can expect features that might not be found in other types of architecture, like the large glass windows and open floor plans mentioned above or ultramodern architectural designs made from materials such as metal and concrete.

And ultramodern design doesn’t just stop at a house; it can extend to other things like cars, furniture, and even buildings! It might be difficult to know where ultramodern stops and the modern style begin because they overlap in their features.

Ultramodern House Plans That Are Hot in 2021

If ultramodern architecture is something you’re considering, then there are many ultramodern house plans out there to inspire your next home. Here’s a list of 15 ultra-modern houses we love that will give you some ideas on what ultramodern design can look like throughout homes of the future!

Floor to ceiling windows

floor to ceiling windows in ultramodern house plans

Having windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, or in this case that cover the ceiling as well, is no small task. Architecturally it can be difficult to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Large windows are a common feature in many homes, but it’s even more popular when designed in the ultramodern design style. The more natural light, the better!

Natural Materials and Metals

natural materials and metals in ultramodern house plans

Many times an element that’s commonly used in ultramodern is metal or stone. In the case of this kitchen, stainless steel has taken the spotlight. Stainless steel is a naturally occurring metal that can be shaped and formed in many ways. This stainless island adds a robust nature to this kitchen that sets it apart from most modern kitchens that you would see on the market.

Unique Exterior Design with Hidden Front Door

unique exterior design

It’s almost always the case that ultramodern homes will take on a unique exterior appearance. As a result, each home will look different, with only a few features that each home will share. One of those features is hidden front doors. Now, the doors aren’t really “hidden,” they’re just tucked away and out of view.

Modern homes will often have an entryway that’s front and center in the home. Ultramodern homes step away from that practice.

Private Pools, Outdoor Areas, and Flat Roofs

private pool and flat roof in ultramodern design

The above picture here hits on a number of elements that are common in ultramodern design. Outdoor areas and private pools are a must in these homes. This isn’t just because the homeowners like spending time outdoors, but also because most ultramodern homeowners love hosting and showing off their home to guests. You can expect all ultramodern homes to have an emphasis on outdoor areas.

Flat roofs are also very common and popular in ultramodern homes. No matter where the home is located, there’s probably a way to incorporate a flat roof. One of the biggest reasons homeowners go for a flat roof is the futuristic look and sustainable technology that a flat roof offers.

Rounded Features with Few Clean Lines

rounded lines

As you can see in this bathroom, clean lines and boxy design take a back seat to a very rounded design. Round design can make a home feel even more futuristic and welcoming. In many ways, round design is ahead of the curve. Modern and contemporary design has used straight edges and flat design for years to give a sleek “modern” feel.

Today, you can approach ultramodern design with a newfound love of rounded design features.

Ultramodern Interior Design Features

Ultramodern house plans are created around the idea of designing a home exactly how you want it while emphasizing some futuristic features, rounded design, and the rest of the above-mentioned elements.

When it comes time to start designing the interior of your home, there are a few best practices and things to keep in mind. First off, things like rounded design and fewer clean lines are still important. Natural and renewable materials are also important because homeowners want a sustainably built home that’s going to look great and still be renewable as well as energy-efficient.

Here are a few examples and ideas to start you off on your journey to ultramodern interior design.

Natural Materials, Rounded Design, and Earth Tones

white living room interior

An ultramodern living area might look something like the picture above. The furniture here takes a more rounded approach to traditional furniture, and so does both the planter and the light fixture. All of the colors represented throughout are very earthy and neutral. Nothing too bold or crazy. You’ll also notice that most of the materials throughout this design are natural or renewable. These include the stone-style floor and wood paneling on the ceiling. Be sure to also note the floor-to-ceiling glass.

Large Windows and Simplicity

large windows and simplicity

The next example we’re showing here is a bit different and ultimately slightly more objective. Some may say that this design lends itself more to contemporary. But, we’d like to think that it’s still ultramodern in many ways.

Metal and stone are used throughout the structure itself, and floor-to-ceiling windows highlight this room. The furniture is rounded or partially rounded, and the decor is very minimal. This allows for the room to more boldly speak for itself. All of the colors throughout also represent darker Earth tones which offer a nice contrast against the large windows.

Ultramodern design is still growing and developing. With time it may become its own design style and something that lots of homeowners adopt. For now, especially for homeowners in Minnesota, we’d say go with a very modern design. And, our team at S9 can help you get there!

Sustainable 9 is the right builder to turn to for your next design-build project. Our in-house team is going to be able to help you find the right balance of modern and ultramodern so that you can have a home that’s custom-made to fit your unique needs and personality. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can take care of you.



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Sustainable 9

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in its enduring commitment to green, high performance, energy-efficient homes that are stunningly designed and custom-built.

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