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June 17, 2022

Modern dream home turned reality

Outdoor city lovers and exercise enthusiasts, Josh and Tonya, share a vision: building a modern dream home.

With full-time jobs, three kids, and busy lives, they never thought they’d be able to build a custom home – until now. Since moving back to Minnesota, purchasing land, and talking with Sustainable 9, their modern dream home turned reality.

About The Home

Sustainable 9 Design + Build created this one-of-a-kind, modern masterpiece overlooking Bde Maka Ska that goes beyond traditional limitations. The home was thoughtfully created in collaboration with Unfold Architecture and centers around captivating views of the lake, made possible by the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home.

The stunning interior finishes draw you inside with a moody and masculine aesthetic. Ascending the dramatic and unique staircase, your first stop on the second level features a luxurious primary suite and three additional bedrooms situated around a theater room with a snack bar and pool table.

The third level offers another entertaining space, with a full custom bar, leading to a striking rooftop entertainment space featuring a fire pit, hot tub, and outdoor cooking station — all giving breathtaking views of the lake and downtown skyline. Not to be overlooked, additional details include a wine storage display, workout room, a custom breakfast nook, and a truly amazing gourmet kitchen.

Q&A with Tonya + Josh

The two of you lived in Colorado–what brought you back to Minnesota?

: I think ultimately what brought us back to Minnesota was the fact that I grew up in Minneapolis. Tonya and I met at St. Thomas University and we had a lot of great memories in the Twin Cities, and somehow always found our way back to Minnesota.

You both put time into thinking about building a custom home—what inspired you to officially begin the process?

: Our friend’s house went up on The Parade of Homes Facebook page and we became obsessed with the house and its sustainable principles. From there, we made an appointment and met with Chad Hanson and once we did it was hard to say no. We ultimately fell in love with Chad and Sustainable 9.

: When we ultimately started the process, we purchased land and sat on it, but once we met with Chad from Sustainable 9, he’d found another property that we absolutely fell in love with. Chad’s persistence and getting to know us so well were critical, and it wouldn’t have happened without him. Now our modern dream home is built two miles from where I grew up – what are the odds.

What inspired your home design?

: Our home design was inspired by a couple of different things. One, Josh and I both grew up in the suburbs and lived there our whole lives so we wanted to get as far away from the suburban home design as possible. Secondly, Josh and I would run, rollerblade, and drive around Lake of The Iles and Bde Maka Ska to look at the stunning homes around the lakes – and it was clear to us that we wanted to build a modern custom home.

: While we didn’t necessarily think we could agree on every design before we started the process we both knew that a modern home was what we really wanted. Not just that, but a home that would center around entertainment. We’ve raised three wonderful children and are finally empty nesters, so we wanted the home to have entertainment features on every level.

“While traditional homes are designed to feature entertainment spaces on the bottom level, otherwise known as the basement, the Bushard’s Residence is very much built using a reversed concept. Their rooftop features a full custom bar, patio, hot tub, fireplace, and who could forget the outdoor cooking station. If that isn’t amazing enough, don’t forget I’ve only described the third level of the home!”

– Brittany B., Director of Design at Sustainable 9 Design + Build

What part of the building process did you most enjoy?

: Overall, we really enjoyed the architectural design process. Working with Unfold Architecture was incredible. They asked all the right questions, outside the box, and put in details that we didn’t think of–their ability to enhance the project on every level was exactly what we were looking for.

: I would say that being able to pick out the tiny details was fun for me. Being able to work with the interior design team from Sustainable 9 was so easy. They provided great design board inspiration, gave specific recommendations, and were easy to communicate with. Working with Sustainable 9 design + build made the whole process so much easier.

What are you most looking forward to about the home?

: We can both agree that the rooftop is what we’re most looking forward to–hands down. We’re able to use it year-round. This might sound silly, want everyone to enjoy the space to the fullest so we made custom bags for our friends and family to put their suits in and we even create a custom cocktail for guests to enjoy.

Why did you choose to build your modern dream home with Sustainable 9?

: Ultimately our decision came down to three things. One is being able to build a modern home. Two, building a sustainable home. We’re active people, we care about the outdoors, and we drive Teslas, so why shouldn’t our home reflect the same? Lastly, working with a design + build team. Everything about the building process was simplified because the design + build team is under one roof.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking of building their modern dream home?

: Expect it to take time and be sure to leave extra space in your budget. You’ll be given a lot of options and it’s best to choose the better option–even if it’s a little pricier.

: Expect the down and dirtiness of the building process, not all of it is glamorous and exciting. Sometimes you’ll be making decisions about foundational changes and insulation when you’d rather be selecting paint colors for your master bedroom–trust the process, it all comes in due time! All in all, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Build Your Dream Home

This home was featured on the 2022 Artisan Home Tour. Learn more about the core design features, architectural details, and more that went into building this home here

Looking for a modern custom home builder in Minneapolis? Reach out to Sustainable 9 and share the vision of your dream home, remodel, or interior design refresh!

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