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Green Details to Include in Your Next Home (The Importance of Sustainable Building)

We have a lot of brilliant, forward-thinking minds at work here at Sustainable Nine Home + Build. One of…

date November 23rd, 2018

Building A Home In Minnesota – Best Time To Build

If you’re considering building a home in Minnesota, one of the initial decisions that must be made is timing….

date November 19th, 2018

Building Contemporary Homes vs Modern Home Building: What’s the Difference?

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to home design is the difference between modern and…

date November 12th, 2018

Smart Homes of the Future | 6 Future Technologies to Try Now

Currently, we are seeing a rapid rate of technology advancements. Our smart phones are becoming more versatile. Our cars…

date November 5th, 2018

Green Building Products | 9 Materials & Vendors to Consider

Once you’ve decided that a green, eco-friendly home is what you want, you have to figure out which materials…

date October 18th, 2018

Modern Architecture in Minnesota: 13 of Our Favorite Buildings

Minnesota is home to some exceptional modern designs, both new and old, big and small. Take a look at…

date October 12th, 2018

Sustainable 9’s Prior Lake Home Featured in the Twin Cities Parade of Homes

The Minnesota Parade of Homes is a yearly staple for those looking for a glimpse of the latest trends…

date September 29th, 2018

Interview With Artisan Home Tour

It’s not just a vision for tomorrow: Sustainable 9 Design + Build creates homes for tomorrow today, reflected in…

date September 12th, 2018

2018 Sustainable Home Trends

Environmentalism has become far more than a passing fad in recent decades; it has become a way of life…

date August 24th, 2018