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The Future of Sustainability (Food, Products, and Home Building)

It’s perhaps one of the most significant trends in the product and service industry of our lifetime: the rise…

date February 13th, 2019

Sustainable Home Features: The Green Roof (What it is and Why You Need One)

For many houses, the layout and design of their roof, as well as the materials used, are fairly common….

date January 30th, 2019

Passive Housing – A Smarter Way of Living [Infographic]

Being eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and all around more sustainable is extremely fashionable these days. Not just with the clothes…

date January 29th, 2019

12 Local Minnesota Artists to Decorate Your Home

Minnesota is home to some fantastic local artists. The art scene in Minnesota is diverse, which means that the…

date January 28th, 2019

8 Minnesota Design Build Firms & Their Specialties

Minnesota is home to some exceptional design-build firms. In fact, you could argue that Minnesota is at the peak…

date January 28th, 2019

5 Industry Events Not to Miss in 2019

There is an abundance of construction and home building/remodeling events in the U.S. Minnesota is actually home to some…

date January 22nd, 2019

Features to Consider When Building a House (Sustainability Checklist)

When it comes to building a sustainable home, there are four common features that you account for during the…

date January 19th, 2019

Contemporary Home Design: What It Is & What You Should Know

When it comes to home design buzzwords, there are a lot. And contemporary is one that gets thrown around…

date January 17th, 2019

What to Look For When Buying Land to Build a Home

You’ve heard it before; when it comes to the value of your home, it’s all about location, location, location….

date January 15th, 2019

Heat Loss & the Home – Infographic

Running a home isn’t an easy task. We have to keep it tidy, liveable and also take care of…

date December 28th, 2018